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Tina Givens : Tala Dress & Tunic
Tina Givens : Tala Dress & Tunic

Tina Givens : Tala Dress & Tunic

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XS - 3X

XS       S         M           L          XL         2X          3X
2-4    6-8    10-12    14-16    18-20    20-22    24-26

Fantastic shaped dress, tunic, or pinafore. This piece is so beautifully shaped that when one walks it simply flows. It is cut wide with a deep armhole and wide sleeve. Variations for this garments are a full dress as shown with sleeves and collar; A shorter crop top with or without sleeves and a pinafore without sleeves. You can opt not to add the collar too.

54‰Û wide fabric
Dress (with Sleeve)               Top (with Sleeve)
XS 4-1/8Y / 3.75M               2-1/3Y / 2.10M
S 4-1/8Y / 3.75M                 2-1/3Y / 2.10M
M 4-3/8Y / 4M                     2-2/3Y / 2.40M
L 4-3/4Y / 4.30M                 3 Y / 2.70M
XL 4-3/4Y / 4.30M               3Y / 2.70M
2X 5Y / 4.60M                     3-1/2Y / 3M
3X 5-1/3Y / 5M                   3-2/3Y / 3.25M
Deduct 2/3Y or 1/2M FOR NO SLEEVES 

For women's sizes XS - 2X

Suggested Fabrics
Tunic : light to medium weight linen, lawn, silk
Pants : medium weight cotton, linen, denim


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