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Antimicrobial Polyester / Cotton - White
Antimicrobial Polyester / Cotton - White

Antimicrobial Polyester / Cotton - White

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Poly/cotton blend fabric with a coarse hand that will probably soften with washing. Often used in medical labcoats and scrubs, privacy curtains, aprons, butcher coats, work shirts and pants.
BioSmart® is a patented technology, engineered into the fabric, that binds chlorine from the wash to the surface of the fabrics, the chlorine inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria. Here’s how. When laundered as directed with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach*, BioSmart® binds the chlorine to its surface, which then kills 99.9%** of many common bacteria and viruses.
Durable Protection
The fabric technology recharges with chlorine during each washing, thus providing a longer shelf life and optimizing value for manufacturers, laundries and consumers alike. Independent, outside testing has demonstrated that when BioSmart® fabrics are laundered according to care instructions with EPA-registered chlorine bleach*, the chlorine kills 99.9** percent of common bacteria and viruses.

Contents: 65% Poly 35% Cotton
Width: 61" / 155 cm
Weight : 4.1 oz
Care: machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low

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