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Embroidery Stencils
Embroidery Stencils
Embroidery Stencils

Embroidery Stencils

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Create and embroider an endless number of crazy quilting seam designs with this collection of four 4” x 8” durable plastic stencils and instruction booklet from popular author Christen Brown.Designed for crazy quilt embroidery, the stencils feature 90 seam design motifs to mix and match. Flexible, durable, translucent templates make seeing your fabric and seams easy! Just position the stencil where desired, trace your designs with your favorite washable pen or pencil, and get your embroidery off to a creative and accurate start! 

  • 4 easy-to-use stencils are flexible, durable, and translucent, making it easy to see your fabric and seams to perfectly position and mark your design 
  • Clear instructions in the 16-page how-to booklet make this perfect for beginners
  • A variety of motifs provide inspiration and convenience for the most experienced crazy quilt embroidery enthusiast

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