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goods-here floral soak
goods-here floral soak

Goods :: Floral Soothing Soak

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📍  Made in Akron, Ohio by goods co.

𝙉𝙀𝙒 Floral Soothing Soak for new moms and everyone else. This a gentle soak with delicate, but powerful florals to promote healing, without causing agitation. ⁣Pour a few shakes into warm water and swirl, or use gently as a scrub for your hands, feet or pretty much anywhere else.

pink Himalayan salt, dried lavender buds *, dried calendula *, dried comfrey root *, and roman chamomile essential oil *, neroli essential oil *, lavender essential oil * + rose geranium essential oil *// certified organic ingredients *

4 oz glass bottle.


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