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FeltedSky foam needle felting mat

Felted Sky Felter's Foam Mat

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This is the type of mat (work surface) FeltedSky recommends for anyone new to felting who doesn't want to invest yet in burlap or wool. Keep in mind a firm foam mat will hold up a while (depending on the types of projects you're doing) but will need to be replaced once it starts to break down.

Small size (5" square x 2" thick) is perfect for making felted hearts or acorns or little mushrooms. It's also good for taking small projects along with you to work on away from home.

Large size (10" square x 2" thick) is a nice size foam mat, big enough for most projects. This is the size recommend to go with FeltedSky's coloring with wool kits which get framed in a 7 in. embroidery hoop.

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