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Goods :: Natural Deodorant Spray

Goods :: Natural Deodorant Spray

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📍  Made in Akron, Ohio by Goods Co.
✔️  Woman-owned business.
✔️  Black-owned business.

Light Lime Underarm Spray

Super light underarm spray includes a refreshing blend of lime hydrosol*, witch hazel extract* and bergamot essential oil (bergaptene-free)*. Use on its own or apply a couple of minutes before an underarm oil to add longevity to the oil. Evaporates quickly, leaving no residue on your body or clothes.

When discontinuing a toxic deodorant, some experience a natural DETOX . . . this is good. If the underarm oil suddenly stops working well, your body is detoxing. This could last a few days or a few weeks. No need to smell bad during the detox, just follow some or all of these tips til your detox ends. The lime tip is our favorite, as the acidity eliminates some of the bacteria in sweat and provides longevity for the underarm oil.

Tips for using natural deodorant:

  • Use a natural soap
  • Apply a clay detox mask to underarms
  • Apply lime spray or a thin lime wedge to underarms a minute or two before applying underarm oil
  • Wear natural fabrics
  • Avoid clothing that is snug around underarms
  • Re-apply lime, spray and/or underarm oil as needed
  • Notice foods that may cause odor
  • Switch up underarm oil scents every few months if your body gets used to deodorant
  • Detox may recur if a toxin is re-introduced

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