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Merchant & Mills Oxblood dry oilskiin

Merchant & Mills Fabric : Cotton Dry Oilskin - Oxblood

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Best quality dry oilskin made in the UK.

154 cm wide, 245 gsm / 7.2 oz yd2

GOTs certified organic cotton with an emulsified wax finish is perfect for lightweight garments.

This finish is drier and crisper than our other oilskins with a matt appearance. Hand wash only, use a cool setting on your iron. Unlike normal oilskin there would be no oil transfer so you don’t need to line your garment or bag.

Inspired by a 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles, the finish is combination of dry emulsified wax and soft aero tumbling and contains no fluorocarbon chemicals. The process binds a wax-based product with water to give a non-oily finish. The solutions are heat-processed into the cloth for a longer lasting finish and higher performance. The finish is vegan.

This type of oilskin is water resistant, so this means that the water doesn’t completely run off it, but it won’t come through to the other side either. To reproof use our reproofing spray.

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