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FREE Surgical Mask Pattern + Instructions
FREE Surgical Mask Pattern + Instructions

FREE Surgical Mask Pattern + Instructions

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Takes less than 10 minutes to sew - 5 minutes if you're speedy. Bolt & Spool's surgical mask pattern is perfect for making in bulk to donate or making just enough for family and friends.

Take this time to be safe and to keep others safe.

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Fabric masks are a crisis response action.

So why use them if they don't block corona virus particles? Wearing a mask can keep cough and sneeze droplets from traveling as far as they normally would. Masks also serve as an excellent reminder to not touch your face. As long as they don't create a false sense of protection for you, they do provide a minimal barrier. Masks do not replace hand washing, hand sanitizer, social distancing or isolation, when necessary, as a means of stopping this virus from spreading.

As you may know, this corona virus can oftentimes present as asymptomatic, or you may be pre-symptomatic. Therefore, you may not know you have COVID-19 but you could unwittingly spread it if you are out and cough because of a little tickle in your throat. We all need to be wearing masks. If everyone does, there won't be a stigma around it. ("Oh my GAWD! She's wearing a mask! She must be sick!")

As the pandemic becomes even more widespread and medical care facilities run out of medical-grade masks, front line helpers may, in-fact, be needing these. These homemade masks are better than a bandana or, worse, nothing at all. Another plus: these can be sterilized and re-used. 

Stay well everybody!

xoxo Nan




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