A Cloth Merchant

Grainline Alder / Archer Shirtdress

Debbie Christensen

grainline alder archer dress

Cowlin' Around

Debbie Christensen

A few years ago for Christmas I made my boyfriend a scarf. A lot of work went into this scarf. I bought a drop spindle to spin wool roving into yarn, but hadn't quite picked up on the technique, and so my yarn came out very thick. I collected a sackful of acorns off the sidewalk and received a fair amount of strange looks, smashed them with a hammer and tried not to be too grossed out by the wormy ones.They soaked in water for a few days with some rusty thing and I dyed the yarn to what I...

Red and Black and Flannel All Over : Grainline Archer

Debbie Christensen

plaid flannel grainline archer shirt

Colette Albion Coats

Nanette Webb

Finally! Here are the Colette Albion Coats I’ve been working on for months! One for my boyfriend and one for me. Previous winters, Josh was wearing a raincoat over a sweatshirt, and I was layering a fleece over a sweatshirt, so I figured it was time for new winter coats. These were taken at the […]

Flannel Fiasco

Nanette Webb

This shirt gave me so much grief. No, I shouldn’t blame the shirt; it was totally my fault. This is Burda 7136. It is so hard to find a good button-down shirt pattern, both for women and men! I’m eager to try out the Sewaholic Granville shirt, but we don’t have it in yet.

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