A Cloth Merchant

DIY Tutorial: Liberty of London Scarf


Ahhh! I cannot believe its already August. These past few months have flown by, and soon enough summer will be wishing us farewell for another year. With autumn so close my mind has been all over the new season’s fashion. I absolutely LOVE everything about fall, especially all the heavier weight knits and woven pieces […]

Pattern for the very easy Christmas gift video


ooops!! I totally forgot to post the pattern that goes with the quick holiday gift video “la trousse à tout”! Someone just asked me for it… Voila! la trousse a tout (My marker is thick…so cut closer to the inside of the line. Have fun!)  

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Thank you so much to everyone who has made our first year a wonderful success! This was a scary adventure…starting a retail business in the middle of a recession, but how rewarding and fun it has been! I hope this is true for you as well – to finally be able to find unusual fabric, […]
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