Pattern for the very easy Christmas gift video

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ooops!! I totally forgot to post the pattern that goes with the quick holiday gift video “la trousse à tout”! Someone just asked me for it… Voila! la trousse a tout (My marker is thick…so cut closer to the inside of the line. Have fun!)  

Inspiration from First Communion in Sevilla

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It’s First Communion Time! (This is a continuation of my last blog on styles from Andalusia…) My family took a trip to Spain for spring break and, although I’ve been there before and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the styles for children, one of the things that stood out for me this time was the […]

Best dressed in Andalusia

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         There exists today a land where take out food and to-go cups are rare, stores are actually closed on Sundays, and virtually no one wears tennis shoes or T-shirts outside of exercise. While it takes some getting used to, it’s really kind of nice! The land to which I am referring is the […]

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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Thank you so much to everyone who has made our first year a wonderful success! This was a scary adventure…starting a retail business in the middle of a recession, but how rewarding and fun it has been! I hope this is true for you as well – to finally be able to find unusual fabric, […]

Great blog for basic tutorials

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I had to share this great blog for basic tutorials that I stumbled across… There are tips for tucks, how to sew in piping, making a scalloped hem, how to do a rolled hem, bias binding facing and bound seams, and many others. While I don’t yet have her book in the shop, I’m going […]

A very easy Christmas gift…

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Stumbled across this…how cute would this be made out of our beautiful Japanese linen with a little embroidery at the bottom corner and a pretty little ribbon for the zipper pull?  How easy to whip up a bunch of these for Christmas gifts? I’ll draw out a pattern to share and post in a day […]