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The Driftwood Apron
The Driftwood Apron
The Driftwood Apron

The Driftwood Apron

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The Driftwood Apron Pattern is a simple cross back apron with bold angles and top stitching. The strong angles in the cut of the apron are reflected in the wide top stitching of the hems, pockets, and facing.

The Driftwood Apron Pattern was named after our line of “Driftwood Linen” that inspired its creation.  The bottom weight linen is heavy enough that it gives the apron some structure and body, but also keeps it light and loose without getting too heavy. 


30” to 50” chest measurement


Fabric Choice

There is a wide range of fabrics that can be used to make the Driftwood Apron, your choice will result in the body and weight of the finished apron. There is no wrong choice, just think about what finished product you want.

Use mid to heavy weight linen, linen cotton blends, linen rayon blends, mid to heavy weight cottons, or barkcloth. Cotton canvas or waxed canvas will give structure to the apron, while double gauze or lighter wovens can be used for a light apron.

Fabric Requirements for this Pattern

The same amount of fabric is needed for all sizes.

45” Wide: 1 ¾ yards

54” Wide: 1 ¾ yards

56” Wide or More: 1 ½ yards - This includes our Driftwood Linen

With directional fabrics under 56” wide, the straps may need to be cut on the grainline and not the crossgrain to look right. You will need extra fabric if you want to lay them out in one piece.

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