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Friday Pattern Company: The Avenir Jumpsuit
Friday Pattern Company: The Avenir Jumpsuit

Friday Pattern Company: The Avenir Jumpsuit

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The Avenir Jumpsuit is an easy woven project that can be sewn up in an afternoon. With billowy sleeves and wide legs, this jumpsuit will have you breezing into any event looking good and feeling fine. Elastic gathers the neck and waistline for a comfortable, easy fit.  

  • Includes sizes XS - 4X
  • Confident beginner level sewing
  • Designed for woven fabrics

Fabric Requirements:

The Avenir Jumpsuit is designed for woven fabrics. You will get a different look depending on the fabric you select. A drapey rayon or silk will give a more elegant dressy look, while a more sturdy fabric like a linen will give you a gorgeous everyday style. We encourage you to be creative and daring with fabric! It would look amazing in a double gauze cotton, a rayon challis, or lightweight canvas - you can’t really go wrong. 

Yardage Requirements

  • XS - M // 45” wide // 3 7/8 yards (3.5 metres)
  • L - XXL // 45” wide // 4 1/3 yards (4 metres)
  • 1X - 4X // 45“ wide // 5 yards (4.6 metres)
  • XS - M // 54-60” wide // 2 7/8 yards (2.6 metres)
  • L - XXL // 54-60” wide // 3 7/8 yards (3.5 metres)
  • 1X - 4X // 54-60”wide // 4 1/3 yards (4 metres)


  • 1 1/2 yards (1.4 metres) of ½” wide elastic
  • Matching thread
  • Stretch machine needle
  • Safety pin

The Friday Pattern Company generously dontates 5% of the sales of The Avenir Jumpsuit to Against Malaria Foundation
What They Do + Why We Love Them:
The Against Malaria Foundation distribute long-lasting insecticidal nets to populations at high risk for malaria, an infectious disease that kills half a million people every year (and sickens 400 million more). Each net costs approximately $5, lasts for three to four years, and protects two people on average. GiveWell, a nonprofit that evaluates charitable giving, has estimated that for every $3,000 spent on these nets, one life is saved. What’s more, every $1m spent fighting malaria efficiently improves the GDP of Africa by $12m. In short, AMF offers one of the single most powerful, cost-effective ways of reducing human death and suffering.

Read more on their website.

This pattern is for personal and non-profit use only. If you are interested in licensing it for commercial use, please contact hello@fridaypatterncompany.com

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