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By the Sea picture book by Judith Homoke

By The Sea

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Clearly not a sewing book...but I feel in love with this, and it added to our beachy store display for the summer! 

Coasts have always been the starting point of discovery— whether by explorers searching for new lands or children sifting through the sand for beautiful shells. This trip around the world’s oceans provides hours of fun and learning in a series of highly detailed double-page spreads that look at every aspect of critical coastal habitats, including the ebb and flow of tides; life in a coastal settlement; artistic depictions of seashores; native animals and plants; the whaling industry; tourism; and climate change.

The book also provides a Twenty-First-Century corrective to Western-centric narratives about exploration and colonialism. Interspersed throughout are meticulously detailed maps of the world’s largest oceans with historic events, figures, and scientific facts highlighted. 

  • Author: Judith Homoke
  • Illustrations: Martin Haake
  • Pages: 64

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