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liberty of london belgravia silk satin green pagoda floral
liberty of london belgravia silk satin green pagoda floral
liberty of london belgravia silk satin green pagoda floral

Liberty of London Belgravia Silk Satin - Pagoda C

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Liberty of London silk satin is lustrous and opalescent, characterised by a high-shine surface singing with colour depth and light reflection. Its drape and fluidity is perfect for wearing directly against the skin – a great option for eveningwear pieces or opulently wearable daytime designs.

Pagoda’s design was hand-painted in gouache in the Liberty Fabrics studio, featuring delicately stylised florals inspired by the work of 19th century textile designers. These blooms are intertwined around bamboo trellises in a trompe l'oeil style, paying homage to Brighton Pavilion’s ornate fretwork panels. The design is printed by experts in Italy onto our Belgravia silk satin – a fabric prized for its lustrous drape and fluidity, along with its luminously high-shine surface. Construct it into eveningwear pieces such as sheath gowns, or use it to create opulently wearable daytime designs like wrap dresses and flowing shirting.

Liberty Fabrics’ English Eccentrics collection for Spring/Summer 2019 draws inspiration from seven eclectic home-grown muses, spanning across a range of creative genres and historical periods. From a decadent prince regent to a pioneering botanist, an aristocratic poet and gardener, a carefree ‘60s musician, a contemporary artist, an activist-slash-actress and a beloved children’s author, our diverse collection of muses each reflect the adventurous and disruptive spirit of Liberty.

  • Name: Pagoda
  • Fabric Type: Belgravia Silk Satin
  • Composition: 100% Silk
  • Roll Width (finished/usable): 1.39m/1.36m
  • Weight: 68 g/sm, 95 g/lm
  • Care: Dry clean only
  • Origin: Italy

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