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Make it Perfect : Lazy Day Hat
Make it Perfect : Lazy Day Hat

Make it Perfect : Lazy Day Hat

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Set yourself up for some summer fun with this totally unique summer sun hat! Whether you are frolicking along the beach, playing at the park, pottering in the garden or enjoying a sunny walk, the Lazy Day Hat will be perfect for keeping the harmful rays of the sun off your face and neck. Lazy Day Hat is totally reversible, giving you two stylish hats in one, and is a perfect fit for the whole family. While you're at it, whip up a quick and easy flower embellishment that can be used to adorn your hat, a bag, hair clip, the top of a present or anything else you desire!

Quilting cotton

1/2 yd medium weight fusible interfacing

1/2 yd for inside
1/2 yd for outside

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