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Ohio Heart Tags

Ohio Heart Tags

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These unique wooden tags are approximately 3/4 have a little cut out heart in the middle of the Ohio to show your state pride. The four holes can be stitched from corner to corner or around the outside.

These tags are a great way to personalize your sewing projects and/or embellish accessories with your favorite state...Ohio, of course!

    Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each tag may slightly vary.

    These tags can go in the washer and the dryer, but as with most things made of natural materials, they will probably last longer if they are hand washed or if the item is dried flat.

    (Make sure to share your work by tagging it #katrinkles and #boltandspool when you post it on Instagram!)

    Made from New England birch wood, handmade and finished in Providence, RI.

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