A Cloth Merchant

Voodoo, Karma and Chakra Dolls for Mardi Gras!

Nanette Webb

As a prelude to Mardi Gras (coming up on February 9 this year) and with a nod to the epicenter of Louisiana/New Orleans Voodoo, we are making voodoo dolls! To be specific, that's the collective we: you and we. Oui? My family thinks I've gone around the bend and off the deep end, but they think that a lot. This little idea has blossomed into a bit more so read on... Many years ago a friend jokingly gave me a voodoo doll as an outlet for my frustration over a boss that was ignorant and overbearing. They are both long-gone...

New Fabric!


We’ve got new fabric! Nan and I met with a fabric rep from Michael Miller a couple weeks ago, and the first shipment just came in yesterday! You can view all of our new fabrics in our online store (or in the shop) but here are some of my favorites: Counterclockwise from the top are […]