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Sizzling Named Reeta

Debbie Christensen

named reeta merchant and mills hemp cotton fabric sizzle orange

So I finally made the Reeta Shirtdress by Named Patterns, a dress I've loved since it came out years ago, but have never come across the right fabric for. Their cover sample fabric (which I think is rayon) is perfect, and I just couldn't imagine anything better. We got in this rayon from Cloud9, and I was totally sold.

cloud9 rayon mystical garden

Except, I've been reading about how terrible synthetic fabrics are for both people and the environment, and as much as I love this fabric, I don't have any interest in sewing with synthetics anymore. I'm not turning this into a soapbox post, although I may do one in the future!

I'm trying to be more intentional with the things I make -- making things that can be repaired, or reused somehow, or composted at the end of their usable lives. So, with that in mind, I made the Reeta Shirtdress out of this hemp / cotton blend from Merchant & Mills in "Sizzle."

named reeta merchant and mills hemp cotton fabric sizzle orange

(I am not a natural in front of the camera, this is honestly the least unflattering front-facing photo I've got)

This fabric is the the complete opposite of the floatiness of the rayon. But I think the crispness of this fabric works really well for the dress, too. It feels more durable and wearable, more utilitarian. And, it's one of my favorite things to make: a (long) shirt.

named reeta merchant and mills hemp cotton fabric sizzle orange

Usually when I'm making something like this, I think, "I've made enough shirts, I know what I'm doing" and completely ignore the directions. But for this dress, I recommend following the directions. It's not complicated, it's just that this isn't constructed like a regular shirt, and I had to do a lot of unpicking.

This pattern does not include pockets, so you're probably wondering, "Did Debbie lose her hands recently, or does this dress have pockets?" Don't worry, I added pockets and I still have hands. I think clothing without pockets is pretty much useless. Where else would I stuff dog treats for this beautiful boy?

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  • Heath Mason on

    Another success!! This dress looks fantastic on you!!

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