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Pre-order the newest fashion/sewing magazine!

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I have caught "the buzz" <no, not Covid> and am super excited to be a part of the newest print publication in the sewing world!

Get ready for the launch of TAUKO! 

Tauko magazine

STARTING TODAY we will be taking pre-orders for the first edition of this chic European fashion/sewing/sustainability magazine. 

TAUKO stands for a break or a pause in Finnish. It describes a strong, silent, and still movement that is almost impossible to notice.

Who knew when I started my retail adventure 11 years ago that I was part of a MOVEMENT?!?!?


As some of you may know, the inspiration for Bolt & Spool actually began in Europe about 20 years ago during travels with my husband who, luckily for me, lectures all over the world.

Although I had sewn from a young age, my exposure to the "really good" components of that hobby - the sewing patterns and fabric - was limited. It wasn't until I began visiting <especially> children's clothing boutiques in Sevilla, Madrid, Milan, Rome, and Lisbon that I realized how few people in the US even had ready access to the fabrics that made European clothing so exquisite - let alone the timeless styles. (And YES I have saved every outfit I ever bought for my kids in these shops.)


pili carerra spain
Window display at Pili Carerra in Spain.


And so the "what if" wheels in my brain began turning and haven't stopped since. What if there were stylish patterns? What if I could get my hands on amazing fabric? What if people preferred to wear a handmade garment vs ready-made? What if I could source cool ribbon, notions and heirloom quality tools to work with? What if more people understood and appreciated what goes into making an article of clothing?

bolt & spool
Young "thinker" captivated by sewing patterns.



A quick history...

I opened my shop in 2010 during what appears now as a time of rebirth in home sewing. Indie sewing patterns like Merchant & Mills, Sew House Seven, Deer & Doe, Sewaholic, and Colette were just getting started. Brands like Closet Core, By Hand London, and Named were soon to follow. 

named sewing patterns 


Sources of fabric, once privy to only fashion designers, were opening up and more and more of the "traditional quilting" fabric suppliers were adding "fashion fabric" lines. I was able to make contacts with the Liberty of London office in New York, Diana Muzzy from Fine Fabric Sales in Chicago, and Emma at Merchant & Mills in Rye, England. Finding the good stuff was and will always be a priority for me.

diana muzzy fine fabric sales chicago
Diana of Fine Fabric Sales, Chicago.



Then came on-line learn-to-sew subscriptions like Craftsy and Seamwork, and amazing free sewing instruction on blogs like oliver  + s, and Helen's Closet.

Why am I telling you this when I started talking about this new magazine?

Because, for the first time since I began, has a group of amazingly cool folks married haute STYLE and trendy FASHION with SEWING and SUSTAINABILITY and PATTERNS on texturally-appealing paper <just for us who are tempted texturally> !

bolt & spool
Bolt & Spool "mood (black)board" circa 2015(?)



And I am SOOOOOO on board! It feels like they have taken what I have always envisioned and made it REAL and put it all in one place. This is exciting! All the GOOD <thought-provoking and inspiring> STUFF in one place.

It's like beauty of Selvedge, the chic style of Vogue Scandinavia and the sewing concepts of Threads magazine all had a baby together and named it TAUKO?!?!


Don't get me wrong, I have crushes on other publications and look books too - like Making Magazine and By Hand Serial but they can trend toward knitting and needlework (which I also love); but TAUKO is truly fashion/clothing/sewing dominant. 


TAUKO's story:

TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists and fashion and culture lovers, who have a big heart for the planet. It has its headquarters in Helsinki and Berlin and is founded and published by art researchers, fashion designers, makers, and passionate fighters for planetary well-being, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio. Its international network of contributors, designers, writers, photographers, and illustrators share the need to bring mindful and beautiful work to the world.

tauko founders


Each issue features more than 10 sewing pattern designs created by celebrities and newcomers from the sewing community. A carefully curated selection makes design clothing accessible to anyone willing to try out sewing and learn new skills. With actual-size paper patterns, easy guidelines, agile images, and illustrations, we wish to make the sewing experience empowering, exciting and fun. The vast horizon of crafts, culture, and climate is featured in interviews, columns, articles, tips, and recommendations by our international contributors.

tauko magazine


TAUKO magazine works to find new, regenerative, and empowering ways to celebrate design and clothes. It’s a start for positive system change. Their background is in running an awarded sustainable fashion brand, and, as such, they are very familiar with design, pattern making, collection presentation, international fashion weeks – learning how clothing matters only when there is a personal connection to it.

So hold on to your seats for this exciting new addition to our collective sewing journey! 

Pre-order Edition No. 1 HERE!

...and enjoy!



Looking forward...

TAUKO is currently calling for editorial submissions for issue No. 3 to be published next summer!

The theme is vintage:

"When possible, find creativity from reused or recycled fabrics to continue the lifecycles of high quality materials. Voluminous hems, oversized jumpers and blouses, relaxed trousers and tailored jackets for summer are welcomed with a big heart. We encourage design submissions to be inclusive and mindful of the garments fitting various body shapes and physical abilities. Offering options to modify the design is highly appreciated. Several entries are very welcome."




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