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Nanette Webb

GET READY for TAUKO: the all-new, all-in-one "fashion-forward, sustainability-inspiring and sewing-pattern publication" from Europe!

Now showing: Emily Felderman "Stitches"

Nanette Webb

A gathering of lucky folks joined us at Bolt & Spool a few weeks ago to learn a bit about local artist Emily Felderman's creative journey. It was an exquisite demonstration of not knowing where you will end up once you let yourself be cajoled by shape, texture and color. 

Emily Felderman speaking at Bolt & Spool, Cleveland

Embroidery month: tools, tips and inspiration

Nanette Webb

Along with probably 99% of the US population, I have heretofore been unaware that February is National Embroidery Month! I had the flu about a month ago, and was all snug and cozy on the couch in front of the fireplace with, gasp! idle fingers. Embroidery seemed like something doable between coughs and naps.  So while poking around on the internet for inspiration I learned about embroidery month and was prompted, with this as justification, to share an old fondness for this ancient art in the form of free classes and (ta da!) a blog post!  You won't be surprised that embroidery is making...

Organize those blog feeds!

Nanette Webb

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on things? Even though I read the New York Times almost every day; listen to NPR so much that my 10 year old could tell you the names of all the anchors; and check my Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts twice a day (or more!), it […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 22

Nanette Webb

The last #handmadeholiday item on my sewing table every year are matching Christmas jammies for my kids. Many years I’ve been up at 5 or 6 on Christmas Eve morning cutting and stitching. But it’s so worth it. It’s the big secret what the pjs will look like until Christmas Eve. We eat dinner, open […]

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