A Cloth Merchant

An Inspired Advent: Day 13

Nanette Webb

Why You Should Sew Your Own Holiday Apparel from the View of a thirteen-year old Hi, I am Nan’s daughter, Anna. I’ve never actually done a blog post before, so bear with me. Over the course of thirteen (almost 14) years, my mom has been making me clothes. Whether it be a pair shorts to […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 11

Nanette Webb

This is the time of year when lights and garland are draped over mantles and railings, ornaments are hung on trees, decorations placed wherever room is found, cookies and breads are constantly baking, gifts are bought and wrapped, houses are cleaned top to bottom… That’s a lot to do! The holidays always seem incredibly stressful; […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 10


Transforming The Dress Shirt Pattern pattern for holiday-wear! Dressing for the holidays doesn’t have to be extreme glitz and glamour…although I DO want to make something with that matte sequins that Debbie used on her infinity scarf on Day 6. Wait! Where was I? Chic comfort…right. My husband and I are going to a Christmas […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 9


Baked goods abound this time of year (though they may not always be welcome). Thought and care are poured into handmade gifts, and that is especially true of home cooking. Preparing delicious food is a wonderful way to show and to share love. That’s why eating is such a big part of the holidays! Food […]

Inspired Advent: Day 8


Everyone loves bean bags! Especially ones made from fine linen and Liberty fabric! Bean bags make quick and easy gifts, they are also a great way to use those small but special fabric scraps you can’t throw away – like your Liberty and linen. There are two types of bean bags we like to make at Bolt […]
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