A Cloth Merchant

Deer & Doe Datura


This must be the millionth Datura blouse I’ve made, but it’s one of my favorite patterns, so I’ll probably make it another million times. This one I lengthened by 3″ so I could wear it with leggings and not have to worry about showing everyone all of my butt. The main fabric here is Liberty […]

Datura Blouse to Dress : A Tutorial


Remember when I said I would make another dress from the Deer & Doe Datura Blouse? Well I did that, almost immediately after I committed myself to it. Unfortunately, making something and blogging about it are two completely different kettles of fish. Why can’t projects just blog about themselves? Anyway, we’re still out of stock […]

Deer and Doe Datura Blouse


I’m totally digging our Deer and Doe patterns. They’re very pretty designs, and their simplicity lends well to embellishment and material play. The patterns are originally in French and translated into English, so you don’t have to pull out your old high school French textbooks to make these! The Datura Blouse is semi-fitted, with side […]