A Cloth Merchant

Liberty Bruyere

Debbie Christensen

deer and doe bruyere shirt dress liberty of london

Brocade Arum Party Dress

Debbie Christensen

deer and doe arum dress

Deer & Doe Chiffon Melilot

Debbie Christensen

deer & doe melilot shirt

Deer and Doe Centauree

Debbie Christensen

If you haven’t seen the Deer & Doe Centauree Dress yet, check out these style lines! It’s s pretty simple summer dress, and very easy to construct, but it has interesting front seaming. As soon as I saw this design, I thought, “this would be a very cool dress for playing with stripes!” Instead I […]

Deer & Doe Datura


This must be the millionth Datura blouse I’ve made, but it’s one of my favorite patterns, so I’ll probably make it another million times. This one I lengthened by 3″ so I could wear it with leggings and not have to worry about showing everyone all of my butt. The main fabric here is Liberty […]
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