A Cloth Merchant

A Wintery Sureau


The Deer & Doe Sureau pattern is described as a “mid-season dress.” To that I say, “Not if I make it out of wool!” So here is my wintery Sureau. Mid-season in Cleveland can get pretty cold, so this dress will see a lot of action. It’s made out of our Italian wool flannel. My […]

Deer & Doe : Chardon Skirt


Inspired by the translucency of the petticoat I made for my friend’s skirt, and how beautifully the light came through the skirt that draped so elegantly over it, I made a new skirt for the petticoat. This is the Deer & Doe Chardon Skirt, which we sell in-store only. It’s a simple pleated skirt with […]

Datura Blouse to Dress : A Tutorial


Remember when I said I would make another dress from the Deer & Doe Datura Blouse? Well I did that, almost immediately after I committed myself to it. Unfortunately, making something and blogging about it are two completely different kettles of fish. Why can’t projects just blog about themselves? Anyway, we’re still out of stock […]

Datura – Blouse to Dress

Debbie Christensen

For a very long time, I’ve had this image in my head of a woven dress, one that’s pretty casual and easy to wear–like, no zippers or buttons. Something sort of blouse-y and loose, but that didn’t look like a pillow case, and I also wanted it to kind of fit. And I finally had […]
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