A Cloth Merchant

Voodoo, Karma and Chakra Dolls for Mardi Gras!

Nanette Webb

As a prelude to Mardi Gras (coming up on February 9 this year) and with a nod to the epicenter of Louisiana/New Orleans Voodoo, we are making voodoo dolls! To be specific, that's the collective we: you and we. Oui? My family thinks I've gone around the bend and off the deep end, but they think that a lot. This little idea has blossomed into a bit more so read on... Many years ago a friend jokingly gave me a voodoo doll as an outlet for my frustration over a boss that was ignorant and overbearing. They are both long-gone...

Playing with Penguins


We have some pretty crazy fabric here. I’ve been in love with this one Japanese line, Kokka by Heather Ross, which is printed on a canvas-y cotton. These are the circus prints and I LOVE THEM. If we had had these when the circus came to town a couple months ago, I totally would have […]