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Playing with Penguins

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We have some pretty crazy fabric here. I’ve been in love with this one Japanese line, Kokka by Heather Ross, which is printed on a canvas-y cotton. These are the circus prints and I LOVE THEM.

If we had had these when the circus came to town a couple months ago, I totally would have made a dress for it. But here’s something else I made with these, that’s probably better suited to the material than a dress would have been (not that I’ve given up on the idea).

This apron is for sale, by the way!

We also have a penguin print and and elephant print from this line. What interests me about these patterns is that the elements of the motif can stand alone, but they also work really well with each other. Here is the penguin print:

I like this penguin in particular because even though he looks like he’s all business, he seems to have a pretty good grasp on pop culture. Here’s how I turned him into a magnet!

I bought some adhesive-backed magnet sheets, and cut enough of this fabric to have the full images of these penguins. So 1/4 yard was plenty.

I cut this guy out, and cut a piece of the magnet big enough to fit him. Then I peeled off the paper backing, and just rubbed the fabric onto the adhesive. It’s super easy and it stays very well, so you don’t need to glue it.

And then you can trim it! This is super easy.

Here he is checking out some of our new Liberty quilting cottons!

Here he he taking his child to the circus! What a good parent!

And here’s the carny penguin, selling tickets or hot dogs!

These magnet would make such a fun gift! Or an easy craft. Either way, there are obviously many more embellishments you could make to these. You could sew decorative stitches into them, or glue ribbons or buttons and things on them. I just had fun reliving the circus!


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