A Cloth Merchant

An Inspired Advent: Day 16

Nanette Webb

Make a gift for the guys! or whoever always gets stuck trudging out in the snow/rain to get the firewood off the pile. It’s practical, so you know they’re going to love it! Dosa likes it!   You need: 3/4 yard heavy canvas (I used our heavy-weight cotton canvas in stone color.) 3 yards of 1″ […]

Tutorial : How to Add Ribbon to Both Sides of a Project


Last year we were asked by a local company to embellish some of their sweatshirts with ribbon. The main reason was to finish the edges of the zipper tape. So we pondered over just how we could do this. Just adding ribbon to the inside to cover the edge of the zipper tape would look […]

Schnazzy Belt!


I love little splashes of unexpected bling. I took inspiration for this quick and easy beaded belt project from from Max Mara’s spring 2014 as well as their autumn 2014 collections. Max Mara is known for its beautifully clean  – almost stark – lines, and that’s why it was so fun to discover that several […]

Deer and Doe Centauree

Debbie Christensen

If you haven’t seen the Deer & Doe Centauree Dress yet, check out these style lines! It’s s pretty simple summer dress, and very easy to construct, but it has interesting front seaming. As soon as I saw this design, I thought, “this would be a very cool dress for playing with stripes!” Instead I […]



A couple months ago, I was sewing underwear like crazy. I guess I wasn’t really happy with what I was making, and couldn’t get the fit right, and they didn’t look that great on me, so I stopped for a couple months. Occasionally, when I ran out out bottoms before I managed to do laundry, […]
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