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Schnazzy Belt!

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I love little splashes of unexpected bling.

I took inspiration for this quick and easy beaded belt project from from Max Mara’s spring 2014 as well as their autumn 2014 collections. Max Mara is known for its beautifully clean  – almost stark – lines, and that’s why it was so fun to discover that several of the jackets/coats and structured blouses had optional bling like rhinestone encrusted ribbon belts!

The Max Mara Duchesse belt

The Max Mara Duchesse belt


max coat2

Max Mara reversible down jacket with optional belt and mink hood trim.


The Max Mara Brousson adjustable ribbon belt.

The Max Mara Brousson adjustable ribbon belt.


So we can make this look, right?




bolt & spool beaded trim




  • fabric glue … we always use Fabri-Tac brand permanent adhesive. (One note of caution:  this stuff is heavy duty and will take off all nail polish and does not wash out of clothes!)




Tie the ribbon around your waist or hips – wherever you are going to wear it to make sure you have enough to tie a pretty bow with flowy tails. Leaving an inch or two allowance, mark a point on either side of your bow knot with chalk so you know where to stop the trim. (Trim doesn’t tie very well!)

Cut the appropriate amount of trim and very carefully glue it onto your ribbon. I was able to remove a few beads and turn the ends under so it wouldn’t ravel. Let the glue dry for about a half hour or so.



Hem the ends by rolling 1/4″ up and then another 1/4″ to enclose the raw edge and stitch. (You can do this before or after you glue your trim on. ) And you’re done!



P.S. This is also a great alternative to buying an expensive sash for your wedding dress! We have some special bling on reserve in the store for this – ask us!


belt bling1


Have fun with it!  ~ Nan


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