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Fur Trapper Hat / Aviator Hat Tutorial: Part 2


Okay, let’s finish this hat! So, we’ve got the outer shell of the hat, and the lining from part 1. Now we need to put all of the little pieces together. Sew together the fur pieces to their corresponding pieces cut from the main fabric, right sides together. Watch out, the fur will creep a […]

Fur Trapper Hat / Aviator Hat Tutorial : Part 1


Here it is! The fur trapper (or aviator) hat tutorial! This is a 3-parter, so stay tuned! This is the kind of hat I’m talking about. Here’s the  trapper hat pattern. EVERYTHING IS 1/2″ SEAM ALLOWANCE. I’ve only made one size, which is my size, but I don’t think heads vary that much. In stores […]