A Cloth Merchant

Electric Sequined Laurel


A few weeks ago we met with our fabric rep, Diana,  and ordered some fantastic new fabric. I mentioned that Nan and I fell in love with this brown corded sequins net, mostly because the swatch was layered over a brilliant blue and the combination was so stunning. Check it out: I layered the sequins […]

Dyed Dobby Chantilly Dress


Last week, I wrote about that super cool dobby weave fabric that I dyed. And, as promised, it is now a Colette Chantilly dress! Here it is! The Little Italy Artwalk was this past weekend, but despite all that craziness I managed to get it done! I’m pretty pleased. Although I usually determine how much […]

Dyed Dobby


I have a really awesome warm-weather project for you! My friend and I did this many, many years ago, and I wish she lived closer so we could do it again. We saw some dresses in Vogue that were splattered with color, and of course they were like a thousand dollars or something, so we […]
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