A Cloth Merchant

An Inspired Advent: Day 17

Nanette Webb

Embroidered linen napkins are stunning, easy to make, fabulous to keep, generous to give and can be used all winter! These beautiful napkins are destined to become family heirlooms for sure. (Especially when paired with our double-faced satin riboon!)   Using our scarlet red linen from Merchant & Mills, cut squares 22″ in size.   […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 16

Nanette Webb

Make a gift for the guys! or whoever always gets stuck trudging out in the snow/rain to get the firewood off the pile. It’s practical, so you know they’re going to love it! Dosa likes it!   You need: 3/4 yard heavy canvas (I used our heavy-weight cotton canvas in stone color.) 3 yards of 1″ […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 15

Nanette Webb

Make a gift that teachers (and moms and aunts) will love! A sweet little cover for those purse packs of tissues! You know how how that little packet of tissues keeps getting destroyed in your purse? I am going to date myself here, but it’s like Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner) on Saturday Night Live used […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 12

Nanette Webb

Find inspiration EVERYWHERE! Even in a child’s Christmas book! The idea for this blog came to me while reading my 10-year-old son a Christmas book. Yes, he still indulges me that simple pleasure and I love it! Here are just a few of our favorites… We were reading Christmas with the Mousekins by Maggie Smith […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 9


Baked goods abound this time of year (though they may not always be welcome). Thought and care are poured into handmade gifts, and that is especially true of home cooking. Preparing delicious food is a wonderful way to show and to share love. That’s why eating is such a big part of the holidays! Food […]
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