A Cloth Merchant

Marigold Cambie Dress


In my last post I talked about dyeing fabric with marigolds. That was Tuesday, and yesterday it turned into a real dress that I wore at night! That’s some pretty good turnaround! Of course, I’m lucky enough to have this awesome job that allows me to sew all day! So here it is, my Cambie […]

Debbie Dyes Dotted Swiss


Inspired by this beautiful Spring weather and all of the colorful flowers, I spent yesterday afternoon using some old dead ones to dye fabric! I’ve been saving two jars of marigold petals since last fall, and I figured it was about time to stop cluttering up the cabinets with my jars of dead things (flowers). […]

Whale Shorts

Debbie Christensen

I had really good timing, making shorts, because this morning I had to dig my car out of the snow. Anyway, I said I would make shorts out of our new birch whale print organic cotton, and I did! I think these are my favorite creation! I used the Sewaholic Thurlow shorts pattern. I was […]

What’s new?


Hey there! We’ve been pretty busy here at the shop, which is great! Last week FOX8 stopped by to interview Nan about Bolt & Spool for a special about University Circle. She made an adorable skirt, and also wrote up a tutorial on how to make it. It’s super easy! She mentioned I made a […]



I don’t know how everyone feels about winter, but I think this year is the first year that I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I can finally appreciate the beauty of the snow on  trees and buildings, the brilliant white against the deeply contrasting shadows, the anticipation of warmth. And I don’t have to trudge through […]
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