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Easter Grass growing kit
easter grass growing kit
easter grass growing kit
easter grass growing kit

Easter Grass Kit

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Grow your own Easter grass centerpiece! Perfect for showcasing your felted wool animals and/or felted wool Easter eggs. 

Soil and grass only kits are left (without container)!

Seeds are organic barley seeds by TrueLeaf Market.

Tilth brand soil is an outgrowth of Rust Belt Riders, an organics recycling company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 2014 they have been collecting and diverting food from our nation’s landfills. Over 40% of all food in the United States ends up in landfills, which exacerbates climate change. Their work results in some of the most amazing soils around. When you buy Tilth products, you are combating food waste, fighting climate change, and supporting the radical effort of growing your own food.

These kits contain Tilth's  House soil, which is an NOP compliant indoor house plant mix that is a well-draining, ready-to-use-right-out-the-bag product that anticipates common problems associated with raising your favorite house plants. Tilth inoculates each batch with steinernema feltiae nematodes which parasitize fungus gnats before they can emerge. House is a great insurance policy for any of your hearty indoor house plants.