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Felted Sky Felting Needles
Felted Sky Felting Needles
Felted Sky Felting Needles
Felted Sky Felting Needles
Felted Sky Felting Needles
Felted Sky Felting Needles

Felted Sky Felting Needles

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Each package of FeltedSky Fibers needles for needle felting come in a cute paper tube that is super handy for storage. These needles are made by a German company that is still manufacturing in the EU.

The needles are color coded and the tube has a handy guide printed right on the back so that you can keep them straight. Needles are painted and then clear coated so that the paint will last a long time before starting to wear off.

Sold in tubes of seven (7) needles.

36 Triangle (Black) - Coarse. Increased felting depth for initial sculpting and attaching parts. Workhorse needle that helps sculpting go faster especially for the beginning stages

38 Triangle (White) - A general all-purpose needle. 

40 Triangle (Yellow) - For smaller projects/parts, detail/finishing work and finer fibers.

42 Triangle (Green) - Smooth finishing and detail work

38 Star (Blue) - another nice all-around needle for both sculpting and finishing. These are best in a multi needle tool and when felting into fabric.

38 Twisted (Brown) - A bit more oomph than the other 38 gauge needles. This is good for sculpting on small projects.

40 Twisted/Spiral (Purple) - yet another great all-around needle

Choose from:

      • Variety Pack: one each of the seven needles currently available from Felted Sky...36T, 38T, 40T, 42T, 38 Star, 38 Twisted and 40 Twisted;
      • Black 36 Triangle...particularly nice for the beginning stages of felting especially on larger sculptural projects. This is the best needle to start with on a large project as it helps the beginning shaping stage to go faster and then switch to a size 38 or 40 for further sculpting and finishing. This needle is also used for felting coarse fibers and attaching parts.
      • Yellow Size 40 Triangle...great for the later stages of sculpting where you want to start smoothing and finishing the surface. In fact it is in most of our sculpting kits. This needle is also good for flat detail work or when you're using finer fibers.
      • Blue Size 38 Star...the best needle to use when felting into fabric. All of FeltedSky's flat needle felting kits that are worked on linen now come with this needle.

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