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Pellon® Tyvek® is a lightweight, durable, and versatile multi-purpose stabilizer. It is easily cut with scissors, but difficult to tear by hand. Water cannot pass through the material which makes it ideal for projects such as kites or rain jackets. Tyvek® can be stitched, painted, or texturized using heat as well. It is equally durable whether wet or dry. Great for use in backdrops, envelopes, tote bags, jackets, kites, mixed media, bean bags, and wristbands. General Directions: Note: Can be sewn alone or along with an outer fabric. 1. Following pattern piece cut Tyvek® to desired size. 2. Place Tyvek® against the wrong side of the outer fabric and pin in place. 3. Baste if needed. 4. Complete project following pattern instructions.

Fiber Content: 100% Polyethylene

Width: 60"

Acid-Free Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle, cold water with gentle soap. No bleach. Lay flat or drip dry. Do not put in a dryer, dry clean, or iron the Tyvek®.

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