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From Collage to Quilt Thread Set
From Collage to Quilt Thread Set

From Collage to Quilt Thread Set

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Quilter Sarah Hibbert finds inspiration in the everyday objects around her. Her unique approach includes using readily available, recyclable materials for paper collage, then she takes this design as the springboard for her quilts. From Collage to Quilt is the first craft book of its kind, combining the disciplines of paper collage and quilting. Rather than using a collage of fabric pieces, Sarah incorporates found objects, such as card stock, pages from magazines, and even canned food labels, into her quilts. The result is stunning, and in the book, she teaches you how to do this at home. Her debut Aurifil thread set is the perfect companion, offering all the threads needs to stretch the limits of your own creativity.

This collection includes the following colors:
4 Small Spools of Cotton 50wt in colors 2324 2311 2021 & 1246
4 Small Spools of Cotton 40wt in colors 2740 5022 5005 & 5016
2 Small Spools of Cotton 28wt in colors 2250 & 2145

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