A Cloth Merchant

Jean Jacket

Debbie Christensen

jean jacket

Thread Theory Fairfield Shirt in a Lovely Lavender

Debbie Christensen

thread theory fairfield button up shirt

Grainline Alder / Archer Shirtdress

Debbie Christensen

grainline alder archer dress

Cowlin' Around

Debbie Christensen

A few years ago for Christmas I made my boyfriend a scarf. A lot of work went into this scarf. I bought a drop spindle to spin wool roving into yarn, but hadn't quite picked up on the technique, and so my yarn came out very thick. I collected a sackful of acorns off the sidewalk and received a fair amount of strange looks, smashed them with a hammer and tried not to be too grossed out by the wormy ones.They soaked in water for a few days with some rusty thing and I dyed the yarn to what I...

Plaid Flannel Grainline Archer (again)

Debbie Christensen

Welcome back, flannel season! Every fall when our new flannels come in, I can't help myself. I need to make a new flannel shirt. I used to have a shirt in a similar colorway to this navy / evergreen plaid that I loved so much, but the fit and quality were terrible and  it had to go. So I made another Grainline Archer Shirt. You're probably thinking, "Oh wow, like the internet needs another Archer." Yeah, this'll be the last time I blog about it. Unless I try to combine it with the Alder dress... Though I do find it helpful, when...

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