My new favorite dress!

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The Rose City Halter Dress pattern by Sew House Seven is the quintessential summer dress: easy and breezy. The design beautifully shows off whatever fabric you choose and can be made dressy or casual.

Rose City Halter Dress in progress


Voodoo, Karma and Chakra Dolls for Mardi Gras!

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As a prelude to Mardi Gras (coming up on February 9 this year) and with a nod to the epicenter of Louisiana/New Orleans Voodoo, we are making voodoo dolls! To be specific, that's the collective we: you and we. Oui? My family thinks I've gone around the bend and off the deep end, but they think that a lot. This little idea has blossomed into a bit more so read on... Many years ago a friend jokingly gave me a voodoo doll as an outlet for my frustration over a boss that was ignorant and overbearing. They are both long-gone now, but something about making the doll has "stuck" with me over the years (pardon the pun). And so, we're having a class. It's the perfect beginner project for both machine sewing and hand stitching - especially showcasing our new Sajou embroidery floss and Merchant & Mills linen. And if you mess up, it doesn't really matter because it will just add to the "enchantment" of the doll! (Couldn't resist.) Moreover, you can be tres creative with these - embroider them, add scraps of fabric or ribbon, beads, buttons, found objects, whatever. Once I started down this path, of course,...

Handmade Holiday : Dog Collars

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Humans can be so difficult to find gifts for. Dogs, on the other hand, are a piece of cake. This is Landy, my sister's dog, a dapper dude who practically lives on the beach, named after Jimmy Buffet's booze. This ribbon is called Nautical Anchors by Tula Pink. But it's been two years since that Christmas. Based on how grimy Waldo's collar is after he's had it for less than six months, Landy (and Waldo) could probably use a new collar. Waldo helped me with this one. It's made with a reversible dinosaur bones ribbon, which Waldo generously modeled for me. We sell dog collar kits, but we don't sell the webbing online just yet. They make wonderful gifts, and I don't think this could have taken me more than 15 minutes. There's more dog than blog in this post, but I guess that's the nature of the beast.

Make New Bags, and Keep the Old

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This is the time of year when lights and garland are draped over mantles and railings, ornaments are hung on trees, decorations placed wherever room is found, cookies and breads are constantly baking, gifts are bought and wrapped, houses are cleaned top to bottom… That’s a lot to do! The holidays always seem incredibly stressful; […]

Peacock Laurel

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This batik print came from the Fabric Stash Party we held in February, which was wildly successful. One woman had some really gorgeous material from her travels, and she picked this up Bali. I had to have it.

Spring break shorts for boys!

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Great oliver +s shorts! Just in time for spring break! These oliver + s sketchbook shorts are the easiest and best-looking shorts pattern ever to make for the boys in your life! Aside from PJ bottoms, I have a hard time finding cool things to make for my son. He is 10 and is very […]