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Organize those blog feeds!

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Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on things?

Even though I read the New York Times almost every day; listen to NPR so much that my 10 year old could tell you the names of all the anchors; and check my Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts twice a day (or more!), it feels like I miss out on a lot of other good stuff that goes on every day.

Fortunately…I think I just solved it with:

I have a slew of “bookmarks” on my computer for websites and blogs that I enjoy and visit when I remember. But who has time to check everyday to see if they have new posts, new products, new whatever? These folks do!

If you’re already one of its 16 million global users you’re probably thinking, “uh, that’s been around for years!” – well, sometimes it takes me a while!

Bloglovin’ was founded in a garage in Taby, Sweden in 2007 by five guys and launched as “Blogkoll” (Swedish for “to keep track of blogs”). The initial goal of Bloglovin’ was to help fashion followers keep track of blogs without having to open up multiple tabs on their browsers. Bloglovin’ eventually developed into a platform that allows users to consume, organize, and discover the internet’s disaggregated content. And, of course, there’s even an app for your phone in case you get hooked.

The company has since moved its headquarters to the states and was dubbed one of the hottest companies in NYC last year – in case you want to get in early on a potential IPO.

It’s SO fun! I feel like it’s my new Pinterest page!

You can easily search for content, preview posts, and “follow” the blogs you like. After that, you get a daily or weekly e-mail (whatever settings you choose) from them with thumbnails of the new posts from the people you follow. All in one spot. Click on it to open it if you want, or skip it. No biggie. But you’re instantly in the loop on the things that you’re interested in! You can also easily save the posts you like and/or share them with friends, pin them on Pinterest, whatever!

You can see what I’m following at Nan Webb on Bloglovin’ and, of course, follow our blog there too!

To get you started…here are my favorites!

Debbie probably follows some others, so I’ll ask her share too on another day.

So have fun organizing your blog feeds. It’s way better than organizing a closet!


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