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Lupin Bomber Jacket

Debbie Christensen

I'm so over cardigans. It's jacket time.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I've been looking for a Bomber Jacket pattern for a long time. I don't know why I couldn't commit to anything, although it seemed like nothing was quite what I wanted. I made the Deer & Doe Lupin Jacket a few years ago, and I love it (it's my go-to jacket for weddings and nice stuff). I considered altering the pattern to be more bomber-y, but I wasn't quite sure how I'd go about it, or even what fabric to use.

We all know sewing patterns aren't cheap. So I love being able to use a pattern more than once, especially to make something with a totally different look from the original.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I never read The Alchemist, but some guy we hosted on a bike trip gave me the gist of it -- people are so inherently generous and willing to assist you, and something about putting your wishes out into the universe, although that may have been from Oprah. Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that when people know you're into sewing, they're super generous. That's how I got three sewing machines (one doesn't work so it's basically just a really heavy table) and most of my fabric, including this one.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I'm pretty sure it's a wool/cotton/viscose blend. I almost used it to reupholster a chair, but I'm glad I saved it for a jacket. We have a few fabircs that look similar, like this Donegal Tweed, this Japanese Linen / Wool blend, and this English wool.

In the end, the alterations were simple. I drew a line straight up from the bottom of the jacket to cut off the lapel.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I also added 1 1/2" of length to the sleeves and body. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to add a zipper.

When I have trouble sleeping I think about and visualize a sewing project I'm working on and try to work through problems I'm having. I usually find a solution, and it knocks me right out! Sewing must be pretty boring for my brain.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I didn't want the ribbing to attach to the zipper -- I couldn't get a neat finish that way. Most bomber jackets have a little square of main fabric that separates the ribbing from the zipper, but I couldn't work that out. My solution was to remove 2" from each side of the jacket front, attach the body of the jacket to the ribbing, then replace those 2" with a front placket for the zipper. It's exactly the look I wanted, although I seem to have a lot of fabric around my chest.

deer and doe lupin bomber jacket

I'll never get around to fixing it, so I'm just going to stop worrying about it. At least I can fit a scarf under my jacket.

Surprise surprise, I used Liberty for my lining.

liberty of london tana lawn tree tops monkeys

I'm obsessed with these monkeys! It's a Liberty of London Cotton Tana Lawn called Tree Tops. For the sleeves I used our polyester crepe de chine. I love it because it's so smooth and soft, and very durable for sleeves.

I made this about a month ago and have worn it pretty often since then. It layers comfortably under my winter jacket, and I love the practicality of a jacket verses a cardigan. And it looks a lot cooler.

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