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An Inspired Advent: Day 18

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This time of year is full of celebration, getting together with family and friends — eating, drinking, and just generally being merry.  And of course you have something lovely to wear, but your date is wearing the same tie he wears to every event, and it has a wine stain or something because it doubles as a napkin. Maybe it’s time for a new tie. Maybe it’s time to make him a new tie!

It seems so daunting to make ties, but it’s really very easy! There is some hand sewing involved, especially in a necktie, which can be a turn-off. To me, it’s worth it. I get such a good feeling to see someone wearing and appreciating something that I worked hard to make for them (I also love the compliments and admiration).

There are loads of excellent necktie patterns floating around, especially this one from Purl Bee and this very thorough one from Joe & Cheryl (both are free).

Alternatively, you can take apart some ugly old necktie that you like the shape of and make a pattern (and use the interlining) from that. Thrift stores and closets are full of ugly old neckties!

Our lovely friends at Clever Charlotte made a pattern package which includes two styles of men’s bowties, a boy’s bowtie, and some dapper children’s accessories.

Don’t feel like making a tie? We can also make them for you!

I’m going to steal a picture of Nan’s son here, because he is adorable in a bowtie. And Anna is gorgeous, of course. And they match, which I love. (Anna was our celebrity blog-poster a few days ago, and mentioned this dress Nan made for her niece’s wedding).

Those aren’t the only two that like to match. When I make myself a dress for fancy stuff, I make my boyfriend a tie. It’s real cute.

I’ll have to make him a tie to match this dress:

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