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An Inspired Advent: Day 5

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Over the years, one of my favorite things at Christmas has been making special gift tags to top the packages I give to my family. I dump my big box of scrapbooking supplies (that I, incidentally, never used for scrapbooking) on the dining room table and set to work. There is glitter, stampers and pads, markers, scissors, paper punches, tiny grommets and ribbon, everywhere! I have saved many of them and we now hang them on the tree.

That’s why I’m so excited that Bolt & Spool’s Holiday “make ‘n take” this Saturday will be a gift tag that doubles as an ornament!

Bolt & Spool gift tag

Using our fabulous Chalk Cloth and felt, visitors to the shop can make a free tag! The chalk cloth makes them super fun though because  – just like writing on a chalkboard – they are re-usable!

I know we have many readers who aren’t in the Cleveland area, so here’s what you need to make your own wherever you are: Chalk cloth, felt, Studio Carta baker’s twine and a crewel needle or other needle with an eye big enough to thread the twine.



You will love this material. Great for teaching, childplay, drawing, signs, messages, construction, planning, tablecloths, etc. Width: 48″ Contents: pretty sure it’s vinyl Care: Cure before first use by rubbing the side of chalk side to side and top to bottom, and repeat. Wipe clean with water.



red twine

Our fabulous cherry red and white twine from Studio Carta is 100% cotton 10 ply twine made in America!



Once you’ve gathered your materials, pick which shape you want to make. We are using a tree shape for the make ‘n take because it will be quick and easy for beginners to sew for their first time on the sewing machine. Here are some shapes to trace. FYI…tracing the rim of a drinking glass makes a perfect circle! We made all of our tags  3-4″ high.

gift tag templates tree shape template circle template


Cut your chalk cloth first and use it as your template. You can also make cardboard templates to use for both your chalk cloth and your felt. Then cut the felt the same shape and size. A rotary cutter is an awesome tool to use for this if you have one.

For the tree you need a small rectangle to use for the trunk. We cut ours from some brown scraps.

Bolt & Spool tree gift tag

Now, simply place your felt to the back of the chalk cloth. If you are making the tree, sandwich your trunk in between the two layers. With the chalk cloth side up, stitch around your shape 1/8″ from the edge. (A top stitching foot with an edge guide comes in handy here!)

If you are hand stitching your ornaments, it’s best to use an awl or some other tool to pre-punch holes in the chalk cloth to save your fingers!

The last step is to thread your twine through the top of the tree in between the layers of fabric. For the tag shape and the circle, you will need to punch a hole in the tag using an awl or other sharp tool through which you can thread your twine.

Use any chalk to write your lucky recipients name! They may gift it back to you in the future or hang it on their tree. : )

BTW…you are not limited to using felt for the back! Any scrap of pretty fabric will work!

The chalk cloth is great for so many fun things! Look for future blogs about it and the fun stuff you can make with it!

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