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An Inspiring Advent: Day 3

Nan Inspiration Kits

Gift your love of sewing!

“Making makes us happy and we want to share that joy with others” says the creator of these sweet sewing kits! We couldn’t agree more!




These felt animals kits by Threadfollower make the perfect gift for someone as young as 8 to make by themselves or younger with help from you…what perfect together time! They are wonderful kits for someone just learning to handstitch or if you just want to keep your fingers busy while watching an Elf marathon. They make lovely ornaments too!

Everything you need is in the box, except for pins (if you want to pin the pattern pieces to the felt so they don’t shift). Here’s what you get:

whale threadfollower

The directions are easy-to-follow with great pictures. Cut out the felt, separate your 6-strand embroidery floss, and get sewing! There is ample stuffing, so stuff away and stitch up the opening. Embroider the details and voila! It’s that simple!

threadfollower whale

threadfollower whale


My 10-year-old son Christopher did most of the stitching and he did an awesome job! He was a bit reluctant to stitch the mouth and eyes, so I did that. But he was very proud of his work! (#homeworkbreak)

christophers whale


We obviously chose to make the whale, but here are the other cast of characters and the link to easily nab one on our website before they scamper away!

threadfollower animals

Cynthia Treen is the creator of these satisfying kits. She hails from New England where she strives to create products that you can feel good about (inside and out). She uses local resources, recycled materials, and makes thoughtful green choices in the design, development, and production of her products. Look for our upcoming blog about her book (one of our favorites) Last Minute Fabric Gifts in the coming weeks! Read more about her here.



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