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Our 4th Birthday + Thanksgiving =

Nan Holidays

…our year of thanks!

Those gratitude challenges that graced Facebook at the end of summer are so “last-month,” but that’s when I started to contemplate this blog post. I, for one, really enjoyed reading them. It was just a nice pause from the usual FB posts. It made you realize and appreciate things about your family and friends you never knew had an impact on them. I have so many things to be grateful for it’s ridiculous; and so, at the risk of being passé, I’m getting in on the gig.

Just so you know, this Thanksgiving coincides with Bolt & Spool’s 4th Birthday/Anniversary and prompting me to reflect on all who have helped me along this entrepreneurial adventure: from our little closet of a space when we first opened to our beautiful light-filled boutique brimming with goodness from around the world!

1. First, I personally first have to thank Miss Debbie. You are amazingly dependable, creative, funny, thoughtful, resourceful and sweet. If there’s ever an apocalypse, I’d want you near… she roasts her own coffee, brews her own beer, makes deodorant, bakes phenomenal sourdough bread, grinds her own peanuts for peanut butter, weaves, knits, designs underwear…the list doesn’t stop!


2. I thank you, our loyal and wonderful customers. You inspire us everyday to do more and be more for you. I thank you for the stories you share when you visit, the memories you have sewing with your mom or grandma, the new sewing traditions you are starting, the projects you are working on, for the suggestions you make, the new products you tell us about. You fuel our passion to continue sewing and creating and searching the world for those obscure treasures that will bring us all pleasure.

3. I thank our schoolhouse buddies Kate at Stillpoint Gallery and Kelly and at Juma Gallery. Your friendship is immeasurable! Our hall chats (laughter binges) at lunch and coffee/tea break are priceless. From birthdays and art walks to everyday triumphs and disappointments …you make our corner of the world a better place. : )



4. Thank you to our fabulous suppliers!

Diana our bi-annual visitor from Fine Fabric Sales in Chicago who brings us sumptuous corduroys and silks and buttons, and all things sparkly! We totally look forward to your visits so we can dig through your suitcases of swatches and then visit over champagne and Michelle’s custom-made kale at Murray Hill Market!

Sheila from Renaissance Ribbons who comes all the way from California to show us her beautiful wares.
Our new Stylecrest rep Alan and his delightful New York accent – but he thinks he sounds just like we do. We will buy you cwaffee the next time you’re in town…and a Happy Dog.
Joyce, Mary and Amy at the Bernina Store in Twinsburg – our wonderful source for all things Bernina! DJ at Checker Distributors for her support and getting us whatever we seem to need quickly.
Carla and Erin from Clever Charlotte who always seem to pop in just when I’m wondering why the hell I am working so hard at all of this – and re-ignite my passion. I love our morning “meetings” at Luna and think we should definitely have meetings more often!
Betsy, our French cartonnage master – you are an amazing artist and teacher! We love your classes!

And then all of our virtual friendships: Anna our “Lady Liberty” in the New York office, from whom we procure our beautiful Tana Lawns; Michael at Merchant & Mills who makes sure we get what we need to promote their amazing products; Eleonore in Paris – creator of Deer & Doe patterns for my fond memory of our meeting over tea and chocolat chaud at a Paris bistro; our new pattern friends in Finland, London, Toronto and Oregon! ~ welcome to the Bolt & Spool family!; Cynthia Treen for your darling felt animal kits (vote here for her to win the Martha Stewart American Made competition!); Yellow Owl – we love your stamps!; Angela Liguori, founder of Carta, for your ribbons and scissors and overall packaging –  merchandising your products is so easy! and grazie for your invaluable Rome travel tips on Design*Sponge this past spring; and the creative folks at Art Gallery, Kokka, Michael Miller and birch fabrics for making our store so colorful!

5. Thank you to our professional helpers! Our incredible marketing gurus – Hallie and Eric at Shark & Minnow – who have whipped us into a true “brand” and made us feel “real!” Thank you for continuing to push us to do more and giving us the tools to make it happen. I especially love my glossary of terms you made for me to consult when you are speaking Google Greek! My graphic designer and brand aesthetician Brian from Epstein Design/Grey Cardigan who is amazingly talented and so awesome to work with! My accountant Jennifer at Sartschev & Assoc. for always being so patient and patient and patient! My banker Amy at KeyBank for always being there to help with that irritating thing called money. And finally, Ron and Cindy from Reincarnation Vintage Design who made our super cool cutting table (that EVERYONE comments on) and all of our display units with a small carbon footprint!

6. Lastly, my family and friends who support me most steps along the way!


My husband who only sometimes questions what I’m doing. My amazing kids. Anna (13 3/4 years old) who is my rock – she is so proud of me and is my wellspring of encouragement. She is also my best judge of what’s “in” in the teen world – so our classes are cool. You are beautiful inside and out and you have the softest face on the planet to kiss! And Christopher (10) who loves to come to the shop and keep me company and who snickers at me when I say, “I have an idea!” and he says, “how many ideas can you have?” Hmmm…a lot. I love your endless supply of hugs and I’m sorry that Saturday morning classes at Bolt & Spool have gotten in the way of our weekly bike rides to the Shaker Square farmers’ market and Dewey’s. I’ll have to work on a solution to that one.


And to my dear, dear sisters, nieces, nephews and friends who support and encourage me in more ways than they know. Thank you for telling all of your friends and bringing your friends to classes and shopping and lunches in Little Italy and luring people in on Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram and Twitter! I love all of you! (NOT going to name names, because that would be dangerous – you know who you are!)



Now I know how the stars feel when they are accepting their Academy Awards! There are so many people to thank once we stop to think about the fact that there is no way we could ever do what we do (at least pleasantly!) without each other!

Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Danke! Dhanyabad! Grazie!


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