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Floral and Flannel Wrap Scarf for Fall

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Ah, fall. I hope you all are enjoying your various fall activities. Last weekend I canned tomatoes and went apple picking. Actually, I picked up a bag of pre-picked apples, because both orchards we tried were picked out. Can’t win ‘em all. And I have started wearing scarves.
Look at this one I just made! My first fall project:

flan-lib scarf

This is Liberty of London Eliza B and Rodeo Flannel in brown and orange.

Last weekend I was talking with a customer who had just started sewing in January. She showed me these incredible quilt squares with appliqued animals, and they were so adorable. And her sewing was impeccable and I was totally impressed. Then we started talking about making wrap scarves, and I helped pair some Liberty of London Tana Lawn together to make double-sided wrap scarves. We decided that lots of volume would be most excellent for them, and figured out the ideal dimensions.

As you can see, I totally copied her. But I decided to back mine with flannel because I like flannel. And I had a wonderfully fun time pairing various flannels with various Liberty fabrics. One of my hobbies here at Bolt & Spool is pairing fabrics.

You, too, can make a wrap scarf! I made a tutorial for a furry wrap scarf a while ago, and I find it to still be mostly relevant.I say mostly because I’ve changed the dimensions for this.

But I will give quick instructions here as well:

You will need 2/3 yd of each fabric. Then cut (or tear) the fabric so you have two 1/3 yd pieces. So, you know,  two 12″ wide pieces of Liberty, and two 12″ wide pieces of flannel. All the flannels I show later are a little wider than the Liberty, so you will have a few inches excess.

Place the flannel strips right sides together and sew up one of the short edges using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat for the Liberty strips. Press the seams open, then pair the Liberty with the flannel, wrong sides together, and stitch (1/2″ SA) up both long edges, stopping 1/2″ before each edge. Turn the tube inside out, pair the two raw edges of Liberty together with right sides together, and stitch with a 1/2″ SA. Fold the raw edges of the flannel to the inside of the scarf, and encase wit ha hand stitch or by machine.

Here are some other combinations!

flan-lib scarf white

Buourton W / Agandca C / Strawberry Thief with Cashmere-y Cotton in White (not cashmere or flannel, but it feels just like both.)


flan-lib scarf brown

Arrow B / Lillian’s Berries / Lauren C with Hugo Boss flannel in Chocolate


flan-lib scarf orange

Willow Rose / Eliza B / Ninataylor with Rodeo Flannel in Orange and Brown (you know, for Cleveland)


flan-lib scarf red

Lagos Laurel D / Otto’s Field D / Wiltshire S with Portuguese cotton flannel in red and green


flan-lib scarf blue

birch Peonie voile (I know it’s not Liberty, but I love these together) /Betsy P / Kayaoko with Rodeo Flannel in Blue and Red


Happy sewing, and happy fall!

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