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Tote bag suggestions

Nan Event Fabric Inspiration Trims

Here are tons of suggestions for the Kelly Tote class! Call or e-mail me for pricing.

If you place your order ahead of time I can send you a PayPal invoice and have your fabric ready when you come to class. Otherwise you will have to stop down ahead of time and pick up your goodies!

Our recommendation is to use two to three fabrics (inside, outside and pockets) depending on how crazy you want to get with this!

Have fun choosing!

Luna Bag
Pack this tote with your PD (depending on what day of the week it is!), kindle and iPad and head down to Luna for a morning of people watching and indulgence. You’ll never run out of compliments, things to do, or treats to eat! Echino blue linen/cotton canvas, kokka penguin canvas and birch organic blue dots; Amy Butler banner ribbon and pink ribbon accent for the strappy handles.


Sea Bag
Navy canvas outside pockets for durability. Polka dot outside and waves inside. Great seashell trim. Or, for a cleaner look, use all navy canvas outside with polka dot inside.


To Market To Market
Heather Ross designed these uber-darling piggies (a few are wearing very stylish glasses) for kokka of japan, and they will happily go to market with you every day! Fabulous woven jaquard alium ribbon in purples and pinks is the perfect trim. Navy canvas, organic dot and linen/cotton piggy print.



Center Field
Head to down to Progressive field with this bag under your arm and you can sneak in all the treats you want! Solid brown canvas, linen/cotton echino canvas, and floral print from Liberty’s new Lifestyle Collection. Accent your tote with chevrons and medallians for a winning combination! Maybe even the Indians will win!


Spot & Dotty
Elegant woven jaquard ribbon looking something akin to a Rorschach test spot mixes well with the gold polka dot print from birch organic…all on a background of hot pink canvas.


Bubble Gum Yum
This combo makes my mouth water! Brown canvas sets the stage for delicious blues and pinks. Organic blue dots and a yummy print from Liberty’s new Lifestyle Collection, trimmed with woven jaquard floral ribbon and yellow ric rac!


Oliver Twist Tote
“Please, sir, may I have some more?” You’ll just keep wanting more and more of these colors!! Pale pinks, blues, browns and greens on a background of chocolate brown. Brown canvas, Moda floral print, organic pink polka dots, owlie jacquard woven ribbon and pink ric rac! Fab!


Garden Tote
Earthy but fun! Beautiful pale pink and green accents in the ribbon, coordinate beautifully with the blue organic dot print, brown canvas, and blue cotton and linen canvas.


Bright Apple Bag
Perfect for a Saturday morning at the Shaker Square Market! Blue linen/cotton canvas, brown canvas and fun Monaluna organic apple print with bright yellow flowers and tiny suns.


Fine Day Fox
It’s a fine day when you can carry this darling fox print with you! Organic cotton Monaluna fox print, organic birch dot, and solid brown canvas. Floral woven jacquard trim makes a great accent.


Brown & Lime Circus
Love this one! Fun colors, kinda crazy…brown and lime kokka circus canvas (totally adorable lions and giraffes!), solid brown canvas and organic lime green elephants from birch! Accents are woven jaquard, yellow ric rac and brown and lime cotton ribbon to accent the handle straps!


Brown Lime & Pink Circus
Brown and lime kokka circus canvas (totally adorable lions and giraffes!), solid brown canvas and organic lime green elephants from birch! Accents are woven jaquard ribbons introducing color splashes of pink, orange, green and blue and gold.


Birdie Bag
Brown canvas, blue cotton and linen canvas, birch organic cotton dots, birdie trim and green and yellow accents!


Animal Parade
Giraffes, elephants, horses and monkeys abound in this tote! Brown canvas, stripey kokka canvas, and birch organic elephants accented with super fun Sue Spargo jaquard ribbon.


Rebel Tote
Gotta love the dissonance of the pink skulls with hearts and flowers! Hot pink canvas and black gingham mixed up with some crazy woven jacquard!


Just for Fun Tote
Brown solid canvas is the background for birch organic taupe polka dots and these handsome brown and newspaper printed penguin canvas from kokka of Japan. Woven jacquard ribbon of ice cream sundaes and flowers make a fun contrast!


Just for Fun II
Brown solid canvas is the background for birch organic taupe polka dots and these handsome brown and newspaper printed penguin canvas from kokka of Japan. Woven French jacquard ribbon of striped flowers and pink ric rac trim are added fun!


Bright Idea Bag
This bag will wake you up in the morning and carry you brightly through your whole day! Super fun and bright colors: hot pink canvas, green and pink elephant canvas from kokka of Japan, and green organic polka dots from birch set the stage for some funked out ribbon combinations!


Casual Calm Tote
These colors just make me relax. Solid brown canvas, blue echino linen/cotton canvas and birch’s bicycle wheels and birds print in a yummy deep peach color. Sweet little owls and flowers woven jaquard trim and ric rac brings all the colors together.


Sophisticate Tote
This is one that you can toss your lap top and files into and head off in style to the office. Great navy blue canvas is the background for taupe gray organic dots and spectacular woven jaquard ribbon from Amy Butler’s new spring collection.


Mais Oui!
French woven jaquard ribbon is the star of this fabulous tote. Dreamy colors of blues, browns and peach make a wonderful bag that will have you feeling like your walking down the Champs-Elysées when you’re actually running into Trader Joe’s! Solid navy and brown canvas and a pale rusty-pink organic cotton of bicycle wheels and birds with ribbon and ric rac trim.


Nanny Tucket Bag
Sperry Top Siders and clam chowder are all you need after you toss your belongings into this red, white and blue canvas beauty! Navy canvas, red whale and geometric print from birch organics, accented with striped gros grain and ric rac.


Blossom Bag
Toss your wine, cheese and baguette into this awesome tote and head off to Blossom for a magical night under the stars! Brown canvas, echino’s blue cotton/linen canvas and red gingham, with yummy gold and plums in the woven jaquard trim.


I’m Cool Bag
Despite global warming, you will always feel cool with this bag over your shoulder. French woven jaquard ribbon sits atop brown canvas, with icy blue and gray Moda cotton floral print and birch organic taupy-gray polka dots.


Floral Bliss
Spring and summer schlepping will never feel the same once you head out the door with the Floral Bliss bag! Hot pink canvas, purplely-blue Amy Butler floral print and organic lime green polka dots meet up with purple and blue woven jaquard ribbon.

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