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Hello friends! Hope every has had, and will continue to have, a wonderful 2013! We’ve certainly been busy at Bolt & Spool, preparing for the Boutique Bridal Bazaar, which turned out incredibly well! Nan and I met fellow entrepreneurs, sampled delicious food, and talked to many brides-to-be. It was very exciting and just a beautiful event! Hopefully we can scrounge up some pictures!

Now that that’s over, we can focus on more shop-related things. Now that we’re moved the store into the larger space in our building, we’re going to open a new store–online! Don’t expect it tomorrow or anything, but it’s definitely in the works! For now, if you’d like to order something from us, and you know what you want, we’d be happy to do it over the phone.

And something we know everyone is excited about… SEWING CLASSES! Don’t worry, we’re planning them! We’re going to have a huge variety, from following patterns, to sewing zippers, to smocking (I will definitely be attending that class). We’ve had offers from several outside sources to help teach classes, so there will be a good variety of instruction.

So here’s a question: What would you like to learn?


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