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If you haven’t been into the new store yet, I have no idea what you’re waiting for. That was already 3 weeks ago! So many things have changed  (but the best things have stayed the same–we still have the big cutting table that everyone loves).

Here it is!

Doesn’t that table look smaller? No, we didn’t hack it up to move it, we’re just in a WAY BIGGER SPACE! Actually, we even have enough room for another big table! Other people in the building made fun of us, because our “big move” was just up a small flight of stairs, but this is a big deal (and moving takes forever). Can you see why we love this so much?

Just look at that light!

One of my favorite things about the new store is the patio, looking directly onto Murray Hill (and my old apartment, which is kind of funny). We receive so much natural light through these giant windows, which really enhances the beautiful colors and textures in the materials. It’s just so pleasant to be here.

Everything is so organized!

We were worried about losing the cozy feeling of the old store, but what felt cozy in that space was really just too small. While unpacking everything after the move, we discovered patterns that we didn’t know we had. And now we don’t have to dig through bolts of fabric to find more bolts of fabric that we think might be behind them. It’s so nice.

Of course, this store is certainly filling up very quickly! We are getting new fabric, patterns, and ribbons fairly often! Take a look at all of these!

And when you combine them…

Sewaholic Crescent Skirt

This is View A of the Sewaholic Crescent Skirt, made with our recent addition of a cotton/bamboo blend that resembles denim (see arrow). I really, really love this skirt. I wear it just about every day, so I’m considering making another one. I’m so happy with this exposed zipper, and did you notice that the color perfectly matches the topstitching? Awesome.  I LOVE these patterns. I love them so much that I follow the blog and I plan on making, like, all of these patterns. And then I’ll make all of the other patterns we have.

Anyway, that’s just some of our new stuff! We have tons more than you see in the pictures, and maybe some old things you never knew we had. Like I said, we found a lot of stuff. So come in and visit!

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