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Look at this fabric!

This batik print came from the Fabric Stash Party we held in February, which was wildly successful. One woman had some really gorgeous material from her travels, and she picked this up Bali. I had to have it.

Here I am looking smug over how cool this dress turned out. I've really been on a roll lately.

These pictures were taken in the atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art last weekend. I've been there so many times in the past couple weeks. I'm so cultured!

We had many things to celebrate this night, and with an incredibly generous gift from Nan, we had dinner at Provenance. Soooo delicious, but definitely my favorite part of the meal was the donuts we had for desert. Here I am drooling over the memory of those donuts.

This pattern is the Colette Laurel, which I think I've managed a pretty good fit on. The pattern has a lot of ease, so I made a size 2. Based on other Laurels I've seen on Google, I think this dress usually looks better belted, unless the fit is really close. And I don't own any belts, so I had to get the fit really close. Also, on my muslin, the dress billowed out right at my gut. I took it in an inch of the sides and straightened out the hips a little, to give the bottom more of a flare and less of a bell shape. I also added darts in the back neckline because it was gaping.

My invisible zippers are almost never invisible. Also, check out how close that pattern matching is! I didn't bother trying to match it at all, but it's so close that it looks a little jarring.

The dress came out suuuper short, which was a bummer because naturally my moccasins kept coming untied. The piece of fabric has a really cool border that I wanted to keep as the hem of the dress, but I blew it and had to hem it. I underlined the dress with some batiste left over from my ghost costume.

I managed to squeeze this dress out of one yard from the two yard piece, so this may make an appearance at our next swap.

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